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Real Ghost Photo Of The Specter Of Newby Church

Specter of Newby Church
Specter of Newby Church

The Specter of Newby Church is a ghostly figure which occurred in a photograph taken by Reverend K.F. Lord in 1963. The Photo was taken in the Church of the Christ the Consoler. The Church is located on the grounds of the Newby Hall in North Yorkshire, England.

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The Church was built as a tribute to Frederick Vyner who was prisoner murdered by the Greek brigand in 1870. The construction of the Church began in 1871 and was completed in 1876 and because of which it is considered as a Grade 1 listed building.

The actual photo image source – theparanormalguide

When K.F. Lord took a picture in the Church of the Christ the Consoler a human like tall transparent figure appeared in the photo. The ghostly figure looks like a 16th century monk and the figure also looks like he is wearing a white colored shroud over his face it may have been done hide leprosy or disfigured face.

The Specter of Newby Church appears translucent and about 9 feet tall compared to the nearby furniture. When the photograph was released it was thought to be fake but later it was revealed by the photographic experts that the photo was indeed genuine and the ghostly figure did not appeared because of the double exposure.

However some people are skeptic over this picture. Rick Hunter who is an Australia based Ghost website owner believes that the photo is probably not real.

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