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Creepy Places – Island Of The Dolls

Island of the dolls
image source - Rough Guides
Creepy Places – Island Of The Dolls

Island of the dolls is located near to Mexico City. The island of dolls is known as Isla de las Munecas. Island of the doll is located in the canal of Xochimico south to Mexico City.

image source - Island Of The Dolls
image source – Island Of The Dolls

The creepy part about the island is that it has thousands of dolls scattered over it. Some dolls on the island have been degenerated but their heads, hands and bodies lie all over the island which gives the island a creepy look.

image source - Messy Nessy Chic
image source – Messy Nessy Chic

The backstory of the island goes to Don Julian Santana Barrera who found a girl drowned in a canal with her toy. He took the doll and hung it to a tree to give peace to her soul.

However he got haunted by the girl’s spirit. He later brought more dolls to the island to get ride of the girl’s spirit.
After 50 years whole island is covered with dolls. Island is attraction for some people who want to visit creepy places.

image source - Fear And You
image source – Fear And You

The scary thing that happened afterwards was Don Julian the caretaker of the island also got drowned at the same spot where the little girl got drowned earlier.

Don Julian died in 2001 after his death the whole island was converted into a tourist spot. New tourists brought new dolls to the islands.

According to local legends the dolls on the island are haunted. Some people have claimed to see the dolls making noises and moving on their own.

The real story behind this island is not known as many people believe that girl story was made up by Julian.

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