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Creepy Mystery of Shadow Ghosts

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Mystery of Shadow Ghosts

Shadow Ghosts or Shadow people are dark shadow like beings which have been seen in many parts of the world. They are seen as paranormal beings, ghosts or beings from other dimension.

Many shadow ghosts are also been seen by drug addicts. Hence it is believed that the drug addicts who see this is because of hallucination induced by drugs.

These shadows like creatures have been part of many paranormal stories from ancient times in many parts of the world many people have claimed to see these beings its sightings has been reported throughout the world.

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Some paranormal experts have also claimed to caught videos and pictures of these beings. Many believe they are souls or beings from other world.

Critics have turned down all these believers. There are some possible explanations for these sightings.

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The drug addicts may see shadow people due to hallucinations caused by drug use and other normal people who have seen such entities may have been alone in a very big house or may have seen them at night walking on an empty road. People may misunderstand small activities may nearby for the shadow ghosts.

The most common explanation is the sleep paralysis. Many of these sightings were seen by people who were sleeping or the time of seeing these beings. As in sleep paralysis the person cannot move and may believe that they are being controlled by these shadow people as hallucinations and nightmares are common during sleep paralysis.

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