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Creepy haunted suicide Aokigahara Forest in Japan!

Aokigahara Forest
Haunted suicide Aokigahara Forest

Aokigahara Forest is located near Mount Fuji, Japan the forest is spread over a large area of 35 square kilometers. The forest is infamously known as the suicide forest. The forest has a beautiful greenery. Also inner part of Aokigahara are very dense. As this forest is dense and away from human presence it attracts many tourists. But some parts of this forest are very dense making it an infamous place for suicide.

The forest is so dense that anyone who doesn’t know the area properly can lose directions. Due to which some of the tourists use tape to keep a track of their route. The two main tourist spots are Ice and Wind Cave which people like to visit.

But the usage of tape has caused waste accumulation problem. As many people who visit this place doesn’t pick up the waste materials which they have left behind. The waste materials  left by tourists is present in the first 1000 meters of the forest. After which a dense forest is present without any waste materials.

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As many people avoid going in the deeper dense forest many people who want to commit suicide go in the denser forest to commit suicide. Many people have committed suicide in this forest. Eventually the forest officers had to place a warning signboard. The signboard asks people who want to commit suicide to contact Suicide help center and should not commit suicide.

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The Forest Officials had to search the forest to recover the dead bodies from it. Recently forest officials have stopped publicizing the number of yearly suicides in this forest to decrease the number of people committing suicide in this forest.

The forest is also famous for demonic presence. The forest also had a history of a ritual. In which the old members of the family were left by their family to die in the forest. It is also believed to be haunted by the ghosts of people who were left to die and who committed suicide.

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