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Carlos Rodriguez the man with no forehead

carlos rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez the man with no forehead

Carlos Rodriguez is a man who shot to fame when his pictures with no forehead went viral on the internet after his mug shot was released in public by the police. Earlier many people thought that mug shot was photoshopped picture. However later when he gave interview to various interviewer people got to know that the mug shot came was real.

Carlos wasn’t born this way he was born normal as a child. At the age of 14 when he had a terrible car accident. He along with his friend and cousin were riding in a car and Carlos was drunk and driving the car. As a result this drunk driving caused an accident. The car hit a pole and he came smashing out of the windscreen and landed on his head which left him severely injured and caused some major skull injuries.

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After this accident he was rushed to the hospital and he had to undergo extensive surgery to stay alive. In order to keep him live doctors took a major decision to remove some parts of his broken skull and brain. He survived and recovered however he lost some parts of his forehead as is also known as “Halfy”.

He shot to fame when his mug shot were released by the police to the public. Initially many people thought it might be a hoax. But the mug shot came out to genuine as many people saw his interview.

source -knowyourmeme
source -knowyourmeme

He currently stays in Miami, Florida. Carlos warns every one of the hazards of driving under influence of drug or alcohol as it may result in serious accidents but he still prefers to smokes weed.

He is also a good example of a person who survived such accident as not all people are lucky enough to survive such brain injuries.

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