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The Biggest Pokemon Collection in the World

The Biggest Pokemon Collection in the World
The Biggest Pokemon Collection in the World

Pokémon is a well known franchise of video games, collectable and anime for many children born in the 1990s. Do you all remember? That collecting all the 151 Pokémon cards was the only goal of kids during that period.

Many kids who were born in the era when Pokémon’s popularity was at its peak must have collected at least some of the Pokémon cards, collectables or toys.

source -worldrecordacademy
source -worldrecordacademy

A British woman named Lisa Courtney is the biggest Pokémon fan. Lisa is now 27 years old and has over 16000 Pokémon items. And she also made the Guinness World Record for the biggest collection of Pokémon items.

Lisa who lives Hertfordshire, UK started collecting her Pokémon collection at the age of nine. The reason because of which she started collecting Pokémon items was that she was a victim of bullying and she felt happy in collecting Pokémon items.

For her Pokémon wasn’t just a TV show as it made her happy during her school life as she was bullying victim. Her family also supports her as they feel that collecting Pokémon items makes her happy.

Lisa Courtney World Record-tumblr
source- tumblr

She started collecting various Pokémon cards, games and toys. Lisa’s Pokémon collection started to grow slowly as a result her mother moved a different room to make space for her collection. It has been over 17 years and her collection is still growing.

Apart from regular Pokémon items she also got some of the rare Pokémon items from Japan which was limited edition items only. He also searches for some new Pokémon items online so she could add it up to her collection.

Even after collecting over 16000 items she has no intend to stop collecting the Pokémon items as she thinks there is always something new to get.

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