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Beautiful And Dangerous The Blue Dragon Sea Slug

Blue Dragon Sea Slug
Blue Dragon Sea Slug

Blue Glaucus also known as the Blue Dragon Sea Slug is a small species of sea slug.

This Slug is a shell-less gastropod mollusk from the family Guaucidae. This species of slug is distributed in many parts of the world. It is present in ocean close to Europe, Eastern coast of Australia and Eastern and Southern coasts of South Africa and Mozambique.
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This species of sea slug is 1.2 inch long and it has grey color on dorsal side and blue color ventrally. Its unique color pattern protects it from predators. As this species of sea slug are highly camouflaged in its environment as its color is blue when seen from top of the water the blue color helps it in camouflaging. It has six appendages.

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Portuguese man o war image source-thetimes

However the dangerous thing about this sea slug is that it feed on toxic cnidarians it stores the venom from its prey and use to defend itself from the predators. The sting from this slug can be very painful and dangerous.

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As the sea slug feeds on venomous cnidarians like Portuguese man o’ war which itself gives very painful stings the sting of this sea slug can be more painful and intense than man o’ war. It stores its venom in its feather like fingers which can sting when required.

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As they are found in many parts of the world they are washed up on beaches in many countries people who don’t have any idea about its sting can get very painful stings.

Its appendages can give stings so picking up the Blue Dragon slug without any training can be very dangerous.

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