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The Babushka Lady Mystery

Babushka Lady
source -taringa
The Babushka Lady Mystery

Babushka Lady was an unidentified woman whose pictures have been captured in John Kennedy assassination.

The lady may have taken close pictures of the assassination. She got her name name Babushka from the head scarf which she wore. In Russian babushka meaning old woman.

Babushka was holding a camera during the John Kennedy assassination. She may have taken pictures of the assassination at close range.

source -Mysterious Monsters
source -Mysterious Monsters

After shooting she walked across the Elm street and joined the crowd after which she disappeared.  Babuskha Lady also never came forward for

Her face was not captured on camera as her face was never properly as she was facing away from the camer angles. In the front angle camera her own camera obstructed her face.

The FBI also tried to identify the Babushka Lady however FBI could never identify the lady.

Beverly Oliver source- Youtube
Beverly Oliver
source- Youtube

Later in 1970 a woman named Beverly Oliver came forward claiming to be the Babushka Lady. She was using a 8mm experimental camera and explained that she had filmed the assassination on her camera.

However she later said that two man claiming to be FBI agents took her camera. Beverly said that she gave the camera to the agents as she feared that she might get caught in possession of marijuana.

However many people believe that Beverly Olivier made up the story of being the Babushka Lady.

The identity of the Babushka Lady still remains a mystery.

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