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Attack On Titan Park In Japan

Armored titan source -Ashley Dy
Attack On Titan Park In Japan

Attack on Titan is a post apocalyptic anime in which humans live in areas surrounded by walls to prevent titan (giant zombie like creatures) which eat humans.

Attack on titan wall titan
wall titan
source -Anime News Network

This anime was well received and just completed its second season.

The Theme park is located in Universal studios, Osaka, Japan. The park features a real life 15 meters Eren Titan and 14 meters Female titan and the armored titan.

Attack on titan park eren
Eren and Female titan
source -Anime News Network
Attack on titan park Armored titan
Armored titan
source- Comic Book

The park also features a giant titan head with a wide open mouth where people can take pictures as if they are getting eaten by a titan. Park also features the wall titan.

Attack on titan park
source -Pinterest

The park also features real life models of Levi, Mikasa and Armin.

Attack on titan park Mikasa
source – Kotaku Australia
Attack on titan park Levi
source -DramaFever
Attak on titan park armin
source -Kotaku Australia

The place is good for anime lovers and attack on titan fans. Also a meal based from the anime is also available in the park.

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