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Antarctica the coldest place on earth

the coldest place on earth
Antarctica the world’s coldest continent

Antarctica is the coldest place on earth. It is the southernmost continent on earth the continent has an area almost double the size of Australia. It is the fifth biggest continent in the world after Asia, Africa, North America and South America.

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Antarctica has the tallest average height of all the continents.
The climate on Antarctica is cold and dry. Antarctica is a cold desert because of low rainfall and dry climate. A Russian explorer discovered Antarctica in 18th century. However explorers did not explore Antarctica because of its harsh environment.

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However some countries have now established temporary settlements on Antarctica for scientific studies.

As Antarctica is the coldest place on earth the lowest recorded temperature on earth it is -89.2◦C. There are many species of animals, micro organisms, plants and birds that are endemic to Antarctica.

However the rising temperature has been a concern for the whole world as Antarctica holds the largest amount of ice that any other continent on earth. If all the ice on Antarctica melts than the world’s sea level would rise by 60 meters.

The ozone layer has been rapidly depleting above Antarctica. The rapid depletion of ozone layer above Antarctica can cause faster melting of glaciers.

There have been rise in melting glaciers in Antarctica. There are efforts and initiatives made to decrease the melting of glaciers in Antarctica.

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