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Ancient Alien Mystery- 1561 Nuremberg Phenomenon

1561 Nuremberg
1561 Nuremberg Phenomenon

The 1561 Nuremberg Phenomenon was a Celestial Phenomenon in Nuremberg, Germany. In April 1561 local people saw many unidentified objects in Nuremberg. They saw large objects in the sky. Hundreds of UFOs were seen in the sky during that day. It is one of the few well documented UFO incidents in human history.

The description of the incident was written on a news board of the same month. The board sheet described some of the objects which were seen. According to board sheet various red objects, red colored rod shaped objects and a black colored object was also seen. Later a crash was also observed away from the city.

The people who witnessed this described mass sightings of UFOs may have been because of Alien Battles as UFOs are rarely seen in such large numbers. It is one of the earliest mass UFO sightings.
However today’s scientist are skeptic and believe the incident may have been because of wars between Catholics and Protestants the Canon balls and fires may have been misunderstood as UFOs in Nuremberg. Nuremberg was a wealthy city during that period and it maintained neutrally between Catholics and Protestants. The people in Nuremberg who had observed the wars may have believed that the bright objects during war  could have been UFOs.

But the exact explanation of this incident is still not known and many Ufologists believe it may have been of extraterrestrial origin.

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