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The Aleshenka fetus mystery

source -angamen blogspot
The Aleshenka fetus mystery

Alyoshenka(Aleshenka) was an unusual fetus which was discovered in Russia. An old lady namedf Tamara Prosvirina found the female fetus with many deformities in the village of Kyshtym, Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia in May 1996.

Tamara source-Our Weird World
source-Our Weird World

The mentally ill elderly lady found the fetus in the village. The fetus had unusual features and was about 9.8 inches long. It had large eyes and small nose which did not resemble human fetus in any way.

The woman who discovered this fetus told other people that the fetus called her to pick it up. One of her neighbor later reported the local police about it. The police took the fetus from the elderly lady.

source -OdditiesBizarre
source -OdditiesBizarre

However during testing the fetus mysteriously disappeared and the family of the elderly lady was unable to get it back from police. Later in 1999 Tamara the elderly lady died in a vehicle accident. While trying to escape the hospital.

source -Strangedaze
source -Strangedaze

The DNA testing from the cloth in which the fetus was wrapped revealed that the fetus was a prematurely born human fetus with deformities. Tamara claimed that the fetus was alive while it was with her. However the scientific expert concluded that the fetus may been alive just for few hours but not more than that.

Kyshtym disaster source -SeanMunger
Kyshtym disaster
source -SeanMunger

Experts think that the Aleshenka may have been result of Kyshtym disaster. A radioactive incident in 1957 may have caused deformities in the baby.

However many people also believe that Aleshenka may be alien and not be of human origin as it appears to way too different than any prematurely born baby.

What do you think it was an alien or a human fetus? Comment below!

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