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5 Reasons why Vegeta should be appreciated

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5 Reasons why Vegeta should be appreciated

Vegeta has always been a badass but why he needs to be appreciated more below are the 5 reasons why he should be appreciated more.

5. Trained Alone to reach Super Saiyan

image source - tofugu
image source – tofugu

Goku was well trained by Master Roshi, King Kai and he also learned some of the techniques from the others. But He did it all alone without any training from any trainer. He would spend hours working alone and improving himself to overpower Goku. Vegeta was trained by Nappa as a child but afterwards he learned everything on his own as was able to reach Super Saiyan form.

4. Brutal Fighter to a good person

image source – fanpop

He was a brutal fighter who didn’t care about anyone. On Namek he brutally killed many Namekians. He was so cruel that he eventually killed Nappa his own accomplice. However when he was killed by Frieza on Namek he revealed to Goku that he was brutal because of Frieza as because of him he wasn’t able to be anything else. Later in the series he was shown to show care about others and also helped others in fighting enemies.

3. Foe to Friend

image source - pinterest
image source – pinterest

Goku and Vegeta are the legendary rivals of all time. They have known to fight each other and specially the Vegeta’s desire to be more powerful than Goku. Starting off as an enemy in the series and after the fight of Majin Vegeta they became good friends. Towards the end of the series He finally accepted that Goku is better than him.

2. Helped in defeating enemies

image source - jctunesmusic
image source – jctunesmusic

Many of the enemies in the Dragon Ball Z won’t have been defeated without Vegeta’s assistance. Vegeta killed Zarbon and Dodoria on Namek. He was also able to defeat two members of Ginyu force. Vegeta gave Goku his power to defeat Broly. He also distracted Cell to let Gohan finish him. Vegeta also bought time for Goku while fighting Kid Buu. He also defeated Android 19 who severely injured Goku.

1. Died for Earth

vegeta youtube
image source – youtube

Vegeta’s final atonement is one of the best moments in Dragon Ball Z. When He was not able to fight evenly with Fat Buu. He took a critical decision to defeat him at all cost even if it meant to cost his own life. As a good father he knocked out Trunks and afterwards Goten and asked Piccolo to take them away. He did for it for earth however his attack wasn’t able to kill Fat Buu.

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