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5 Reasons why Marco the Phoenix is one of the strongest One Piece Characters

Marco the Phoenix
5 Reasons why Marco the Phoenix is one of the strongest One Piece Characters

Checkout the reason below why Marco the Phoenix is one of strongest One Piece Characters.

Spoiler Alert! There are some spoilers in this post so be warned!

5. Whitebeard Pirates

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Marco the Phoenix is the first division commander of the Whitebeard pirates. There are many other strong members in Whitebeard pirates. However Whitebeard choosed him to be his first division commander as both have been together for almost 20 years and also saved Whitebeard from Kizaru’s attack.

4. Resistance to Haki

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He has shown to have some resistance to Haki when Shanks came to talk with Whitebeard about Blackbeard’s power all the other weaker members of the WB pirates fell unconscious from his Haki.

3. Unique Powers

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The Unique powers which Marco has is the unusual sense of detecting power as he detected Shanks presence and also warned the other members of the crew to be aware from his Haki. He also has his own Haki.

2. Fighting Skills

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He is one of the few characters who were able to equally fight all the three admirals. Kizaru’s attacks were ineffective against him. Frustrated Kizaru had to finally take Onigumo’s help to use a Seastone handcuff to stop him. He also took Akainu’s magma fist without taking any damage which killed Ace. He also kicked away Kizaru and Aokiji.

1. Devil Fruit abilities

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Mythical Zoan fruit is one of the rarest fruits in One Piece as Kizaru said it is rarer than Logia fruits. His devil fruit allows him to transform into a Phoenix. The blue flames of his devil fruit’s ability helps to heals all of his wounds. He was also unaffected by Kizaru’s and Akainu’s attacks. He can also partially transform into phoenix by converting his hands in flame wings which helps him to fly and his legs into the legs of phoenix which helps him to fight.

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