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5 Mysterious Surveillance Footage

Clowns of Springfield Jacksonville
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5 Mysterious Surveillance Footage

CCTV helps to keep an eye on our home, office etc. when we are not there. However CCTV caught some of the mysterious footage. Below are the 5 Mysterious Surveillance Footage.

5. Fresno night crawler

Fresno night crawler is a cryptid like figure which was captured in 2010in Fresno, California. The CCTV footages shows two cryptid like figure walking. Its authenticity is still not known but none the less the footage is mysterious and creepy.

4. Disappearance of Lars Mittank

Lars Mittank is a German man who was vacationing in Bulgaria. However, he mysteriously disappeared the last CCTV footage shows him escaping from the airport as far as he can never to be seen again. His mother reported that he was behaving abnormally before his disappearance.

3. Clowns of Springfield

In 2014, People in Jacksonville, Florida found people dressed up as creepy clowns staring right into their CCTV camera. No one was harmed during that time. But still those clowns staring directly in CCTV camera scared many people.

2. Nurin Jazlin

Nurin Jazlin was an 8 years old girl ho mysteriously disappeared on 20-Aug-2007 when she went to buy hair clip from store she disappeared. A CCTV footage was found in which a person dragged her into a van and later on 17-Sep-2007. a bag ith her dead body as discovered in a gym bag. The case is till unsolved.

1. Elisa Lam

Elisa Lam was a Canadian student who was found dead in water tank of Cecil hotel. Her body as found after hotel staff discovered her body after her customer complained about water. Later CCTV footage showed her behaving abnormally and also a malfunctioning elevator. She appears to be hiding from someone.

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