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5 Mysterious Disappearances

Jean Sprangler
source -Alchetron
5 mysterious disappearances

There are many cases of mysterious disappearances. However, some cases are more mysterious and chilling. Below are the five cases of mysterious disappearances.

5. Ray Gricar

Ray Gricar
source – PennLive

Ray was an American attorney. He served as a district attorney from 1985-2005. On 15-Apr-2005 Ray called his girlfriend and said he was driving through Brush Valley are northeast of centre hall. However, he never returned. Ray’s car was discovered in a parking lot next day but his laptop was missing from his car. On 30 July 2005 laptop was by two fisherman. However the hard drive was missing which was discovered later. But it was too damaged to recover any data. In 2009 police revealed that before he got disappeared someone at his residence used his home computer to search how to wreck a computer. He was declared dead on 25-Jul-2011.

4. Jean Sprangler

Jean Sprangler
source -Alchetron

Jean Sprangler was an American model and actress who began her career in Hollywood. Jean disappeared on 7-Oct-1969 she left her daughter with her sister in law to meet her former husband for child support. However, she never returned. Police later questioned her ex husband but he said that he haven’t seen her in weeks. Police later discovered there was a note in her purse on which it was written that “can’t wait any longer going to see Dr. Scott it will work best this way while mother is away”. Police tried to find Doctor named Scott but they were unable to find anything.

3. Jimmy Hoffa

Jimmy Hoffa
source – CNN

Jimmy Hoffa was an American labor union leader. He disappeared on 30-Jul-1975. It is believed that he went there to meet mafia member. He reached there earlier however, he called his wife to say that the mafia have not come yet. This was the last time he spoke to his wife.  Later that day a truck driver saw Jimmy in car but noticed that there was a figure covered with jacket which he thought might be shotgun. That was the last time he was seen. He was declared dead in 1982.

2. Jim Thompson

Jim Thompson
source -TeakDoor

Jim Thompson was an American businessman who disappeared on 2-Mar-1967 in Malaysia. He stayed at moonlight cottage in Pahang, Malaysia. He stayed there with a doctor and his wife. However, later after going to church and leaving the bungalow for a walk he disappeared and never returned. Intense search operation was done but he was never found and declared dead in 1974.

1. Harold Holt

Harold Holt
source – Herald Sun

Harold Holt was the 17th prime minister of Australia. He disappeared on 17-Dec-1967. He went to Cheviot beach where he went to swim with his friends. However soon after he started swimming with his friends he mysteriously disappeared into the sea. There was a major search operation by Navy and air force but he was never found. He was later declared dead.

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