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5 Scary Things Under Found The Bed

Scary Things Under The Bed
image source -newzimbabwe
5 Scary Things Under The Bed

5. Meth Addict under bed

image source -vocativ
image source -vocativ

In 2014  a couple from Seattle returned to their home to see that their home was in total mess.  Someone had scattered all the things in their house. The couple immediately called the police. However police were not able to find anything. After police left the couple heard a strange noise coming from the bed the sound was like a dying animal. They called the police again. Police found a tiny 4 feet meth addict woman with a knife and a hypodermic needle under the bed.

4. 40 feet deep sinkhole under bed

image source -ibtimes
image source -ibtimes

Sinkholes are creepy as they are unpredictable. And Sinkholes have killed many people in different parts of the world. But a Guatemalan woman was quite lucky 65 years old woman woke up after hearing a loud sound and she went out to see what happened but one person told her that the noise came from her house. Woman later saw the sinkhole. She was later shocked to see the 32 inches wide and 40 feet deep sinkhole under her bed.

3. Crocodile under Bed

image source -newzimbabwe
image source -newzimbabwe

In 2013 Guy Whittall an ex-cricket player was staying at Humani Lodge. But he didn’s knew that a 8 feet long and 300 lbs crocodile was lying under his bed he also slept on the same bed for 8 hours the next morning a maid screamed when she saw the crocodile. Forest officials later removed the crocodile. It came from nearby river named Turgwe River.

2. Burglar under bed

image source - relevantmagazine
image source – relevantmagazine

In 2015 an 61 years old woman living in Palm Springs was searching for her cat in her house however when she tried to find her cat under bed instead of touching a cat she touched a human who was a burglar hiding under her bed. The burglar ran out of the house with a camera and a gold ankle bracelet. Police later caught him and he faced burglary charges.

1. Stalker under bed

image source - robotbutt
image source – robotbutt

In 2014 a girl from Chester received a text on her phone from her stalker and he said that that “I m watching you from under your bed” he also threatened her that he will hang himself outside her bedroom. The girl got scared and slept in her mother’s room that night. The next morning when she went to her room she saw the objects in her room were moved and when she saw under her bed the stalker was hiding there. When her mother entered her room the stalker fled with the girl’s phone he was later arrested.

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