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10 People With Superpowers

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10 People With Superpowers

Many people are born with unusual powers which are beyond normal human capability. Here is the list of 10 people with superpowers.

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10. Man with echolocation

Ben Underwood
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Ben Underwood was an American boy who had the ability of echolocation i.e. the ability to detect the location of objects by making frequent noises with his tongue. Ben Underwood was diagnosed with retinal cancer at the age of two and his eyes were removed at the age of three. Despite not being able to see he was able to run, play basketball, ride a bicycle and many other things. He died in 2009 from cancer which took his vision.

9. Man who can eat anything

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Michel Lotito was a French man who was capable of eating indigestible objects. He was able to eat rubber, metal, glass and other objects without having any side effects. He began eating unusual objects around the age of 16 and later began to perform publicly. Doctors also diagnosed that his intestine had unusually thick lining which prevented sharp objects which he consumed from damaging his intestines. He died of natural causes in 2007.

8. Most flexible man

Daniel Browning Smith

Daniel Browning Smith is an American man who is also known as Rubberboy due his unusual ability to flex beyond normal limits. Daniel Browning Smith has a genetic condition known as Ehler-Danlos syndrome which contributes to his unusual flexibility. Daniel Browning Smith has seven Guinness World Records as the most flexible person in history.

8. Magnet Man

Liew Thow Lin
source – Alchetron

Liew Thow Lin was a Malaysian man who had an unusual ability to stick metal objects to his body. He also performed in many events showing his ability to stick metal objects to his body. He could objects up to 36 kg to his body. He also pulled a car using his ability. Liew’s body is not magnetic but he has unusual skin which has high levels of friction which allows him to stick objects to his body.

7. Man who cannot Sleep

Thai Ngoc

Thai Ngoc is a Vietnamese man who is known for being awake for 46 years. He claimed that he had not gone to sleep since 1973 after he got a fever. However, he is still in good mental and physical health and did not suffer from any side effects due to lack of sleep. In 2006 he claimed that he was feeling like a plant without water due to lack of sleep.

6. Cold resistant man

Wim Hof

Wim Hof a Dutch man has an ability to withstand extreme cold temperature. He began to test his unusual ability by jumping in a freezing canal at the age of 17. He has many world records like swimming under ice, barefooted marathon on ice, longest contact with ice and also climbing Mount Everest wearing shorts and shoes.

5. Electric man

slavisa Pajkic

Slavisa Pajkic is a Serbian man who is able to withstand high voltage of electricity which is fatal to most humans. He discovered his ability to withstand the electricity at the age of 17. Slavisa has two world records the first is the ability to take 20000 volts of electricity without any injury and allowing electricity to pass through his body till a cup of water started to boil. Doctors are still unable to figure how he got this ability.

4. No Pain

Tim Cridland

Tim Cridland is also known as Zamora the torture king he is a sideshow performer. He has the ability to withstand pain beyond normal limits. Tim is able to perform stunts like fire eating, sword swallowing, body skewering and electric shock. Tim also does not bleed when he penetrates his skin with sharp objects as he uses his mind technique to control the pain.

2. Eye popping man

Claudio Pinto

Claudio Pinto is a Brazilian man who has the unusual ability to pop 95% of eyeball out of his eye socket. He has this unusual ability due to luxation of eye sockets. Claudio is able to do this trick without feeling any stress on his eyes.

1. Super memory

Kim Peek

Kim Peek was an American man who had FG syndrome and was a savant. He was born with marcocephaly which caused him to have social and developmental disability. However, he had an exceptional memory; he could remember almost everything he read ranging from history, literature, geography and sport. Kim was also able to read a full book within an hour and accurately recall the content of at least 12000 books although he had IQ of 87.

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