5. John Hinckley Jr.

source -cbsnews
source -cbsnews

John Hinckley Jr. was an obsessed Jodie Foster fan. He was inspired by one of her movie the Taxi Driver in which the main character kills the presidential candidate. He attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan by shooting him six times. He said that he did all this to impress Judie Foster.

4. Michael David Barrett

source -deadspin
source -deadspin

Michael David Barret stalked ESPN correspondent Erin Andrews he went to stay in the same hotel in which Erin stayed he recorded nude videos of her through peepholes and posted it on the internet. He was later caught.

3. Ricardo Lopez

source -google plus
source -google plus

Bjork the icelandic singer who was with British artist Goldie looked like a couple. However, her one crazy fan Ricardo Lopez was angry over this. he sent an acid spraying bomb to Bjork’s address and committed suicide in hope that he can meet Bjork in heaven. Police luckily discovered the plot and got the package before it reached Bjork.

2. Roberto John Bardo

source -scaryforkids
source -scaryforkids

Rebecca Schaeffer was an actress known for her role in My Sister Fam. Roberto John Bardo was her crazy fan who shot her to death after he saw her in a sex scene in one movie he thought that she has lost her innocence.

1. Mark David Chapman

source - wiki
source – wiki

Mark David Chapman is a prison inmate who murdered John Lennon. He was a big Beatles fan himself until John Lennon said that they are famous than Jesus. He shot John Lennon on 8 Dec 1980 he shot him six hours after taking his autograph.

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